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Already have your  stock cover image or custom art, but don't quite know how to get the look you want? Have a specific design and layout in mind, but want to have a finished, professional look? Or maybe you have a short work and don't want to spend a mint to get a rocking cover? The Quick Cover design option is for you.  I'll optimize your image with basic enhancements (cropping, filters, Photoshop adjustments, and minor digital painting) and add textures and overlays from my extensive library, then finish it with expert typography. And if you don't have an image picked out, just choose from any of the subscription images at and I'll pick it up at no extra charge to you. Then you have up to three rounds of revisions to get the look you want.


$85 - Up to 3 Stock Images

Add a paperback spine and back for an additional $50 if ordered at the same time.

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